The mould quality is judged for its perfect functionality as well as for the aesthetic aspect of the moulded item, that has to be produced.

It has been 40 years since we started polishing moulds, ensuring not only its perfect functionality but also the aesthetic aspect of the moulded product.

The mould quality is judged not only for its perfect functionality, but also for the mould aesthetics. For this reason, starting from the 70’, Zanola ZWT gave importance to the assembly, finishing and polishing, giving value to these activities in the toolmaking sector. Today, the company is able to ensure to every client the optimization of the mould finishing grade through our polishing service, codified also by our SCALA ZANOLA®.

Zanola ZWT is specialized in polishing every kind of mould, from the plastic injection to the die casting mould for aluminium.

Especially, the company performs:

  • Mirror polishing
  • Technical polishing with controlled roughness
  • Specular polishing for the eletrical appliances, automotive, cosmetics, helmets, household products, packaging sector
  • Every kind of steel polishing even for aluminium and beryllium copper
  • Technical polishing for the die casting moulds sector, rubber and alloy wheels
  • Optical lapping

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Scala Zanola®:

Internally developed and patented in 2015, the “SCALA ZANOLA” is a tool that ensure a high-level service. Especially:

  • It defines and codifies the polishing grade of the moulds.
  • It states the visual evaluation method of the correct polishing.
  • It indicates the roughness parameters RA and RZ of each finishing.
  • For each finishing, it offers reference ABS samples.
  • It associates some products family indicating the finishing code and the reference finishing.

Regardless of our actual tendency, Zanola ZWT uses a manual mould polishing method, believing that is the best way to guarantee the perfection of the molded product.  In this activity, the high qualified Zanola ZWT staff uses the “SCALA ZANOLA”; tool that allows to codify the different types and grades of polishing that we can reach on our steel moulds. This normalization makes the identification of the finishing level requested in the construction process unequivocal, for all the parts involved: supplier, steel producer, toolmaker, polisher or finisher of surfaces and customer, in order to ensure a specific finish on the moulded piece.

SZ01TELA 100 SGROSSATURATechnical polishing of internal parts and coresRA 0.69
RZ 4.62
SZ03TELA 150Technical polishing of extraction parts and large microengraved areasRA 0.57
RZ 3.62
SZ05TELA 240Technical polishing of core and cavity for microengraving and die casting mouldsRA 0.39
RZ 3.40
SZ07TELA 400Technical polishing for moulding parts that have to be varnished or extra fine microengravingRA 0.23
RZ 2.28
SZ09TELA 800Pre-lappingRA 0.21
RZ 1.22
SZ11SISAL O BRILLANTATURA SU TELA 320Polishing with sandpaper 320 grit with brushes and sisalRA 0.06
RZ 0.34
SZ13SPECULARE SU TELA 400 3µmPolishing of coloured items with sandpaper 400 gritRA 0.03
RZ 0.12
SZ15LAPPATURA OTTICA 800 1µmPolishing for transparent itemsRA 0.02
RZ 0.10
SZ17LAPPATURA OTTICA 1/4µmPolishing for glasses lenses, helmet visors and protection masks


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