Adjustment Department

The adjustment department can handle the complete assembly and maintenance of moulds up to 20t.

Zanola ZWT has an adjustment department able to handle in a complete and professional way the phases of plastic injection mould assembly and maintenance.

The company has and highly qualified adjustment department able to handle professionally and completely the assembly of every mould. It also, based on the specific request of every customer, Zanola ZWT adjustment department carries out maintenance and adjustment for moulds up to 20t.

The department is composed by a highly qualified staff led by 2 technical area managers that monitor the project progresses on the basis of open issues prepared by the technical department and supplied to every operator. The department is provided with 8 independent work islands equipped with jib cranes to lift weights There is also a common island equipped with a pillar and flag drill, parallel lathe and two grinding machines.

At our disposal an injection moulding machine used for TCS tryouts for a better verification of the adjustment and closures made on your moulds. Plates diameter 2000x2500mm, with a tilting plate, power 200bar and a waxy injector.

Thanks to its wide experience in the production, construction and maintenance sector for the moulds, Zanola ZWT offers these services:

  • Moulds assembly
  • Moulds adjustment and modification
  • Maintenance of moulds in production
  • Flash arrengments

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