Optical Room

Zanola ZWT has a special department dedicated to the realization of moulds for the optical sector.

Following the objective of offering a specific, complete and highly qualified service to its customers in the optic sector, Zanola ZWT has an OPTICAL ROOM. We are talking about a special department dedicated to the realization of moulds and optical lapping. Using his specialized team, internally, Zanola ZWT in his OPTICAL ROOM realizes different types of moulds for the optic sector, like for example for helmets visors or for optical lenses.

The OPTICAL ROOM offers:

  • Optical Laboratory in a white and conditioned room
  • Mechanized Lapping process
  • Production of patented industrial machinery for polishing
  • Visual and dimensional control Instrumentation of the polished parts
  • Refractive Power control Instrumentation
  • Products Certification following the optical class 1 and ECE05 regulations

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What is the OPTICAL ROOM?
It is a Zanola ZWT exclusive: a special department dedicated to the realization of moulds for the optical sector. This department was born in parallel with the technological development of the production department and was dedicated to finish of the moulds.

In the OPTICAL ROOM, the high qualified staff of Zanola ZWT carries out optical lapping, operation that requires a very particular process. This last one is done by the company through the appropriate machineries patented from Zanola ZWT.

Moulds construction for lenses and visors.

The study of the final product starts from a feasibility study and the verification of the refractive power. The moulds realization and construction is made on our projects that studies the product in all its parts ranging from the optical characteristics of the product to the mould productivity.

Optical lapping

The optical lapping SZ17, codification of the SCALA ZANOLA, that allows to achieve the optical class 1. Is used for spherical lenses, cylindrical, toric, toroidal, sunglasses masks, helmet visors and protection masks.

The finished item has to respect optical characteristics that are approved from the authorities in charge.

The molded part mustn’t be ruined or distorted, but has to send the beam of light in the correct way or regarding the lenses, correct it following a given number of diopters.


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