Our History

The inspiration of founding ZANOLA NETWORK comes from a genuine passion for the polishing mould process. At the of the 70’, Zanola’s brothers decide to find their way in the sector of the construction moulds, focusing on the polishing process.


In 1985 was born the family-run business Zanola S.r.l , specialised in polishing plastic injection moulds. Since the beginning, the main objective of Zanola concerns the progress of our productivity, supported by a continuous technological research that permit to offer to our clients the maximum quality of the process and the warranty of the best final product, in a short production time.


In 1995 Alfredo Zanola, the youngest of the brothers, acquires the property and starts the optimization of the laboratory for the study of new polishing techniques and the development of all the other finishing moulds processes. The results of these investments are witnessed by the invention, in 1998, of the patent SCALA ZANOLA®, an universal method for the codification of polishing steels.


In 2002, the development of the mechanic process MICROINCISIONE® on moulds, a finishing technique similar to photoengraving, but with more durable results over time and with competitive costs.


In 2004, with the registration of the brand SOLOOTTICA®, the polishing techniques for the optical sector get enhanced, till reaching the result of LAPPATURA OTTICA, that follows the European optical class 1 and 2 regulation.


In 2006, they introduce SALDATURA LASER process, with the initiation of the specialised SALTEX welding center, now called “WHITE ROOM”, and the department of advanced technologies of INCISIONE and MARCATURA LASER, with the option of express services at the customer’s company.


In 2007, Zanola Working Team initiates also the department dedicated to the assembly of the moulds, an adjustment department able to assembly complex parts up to 20ton.


In 2009, Zanola ZWT promotes PROTOTIPAZIONE RAPIDA, that works with the newest and most advanced technology on the market. In December, we introduced the innovative MARCATURA LASER 3D system.


In 2010, begins the partnership between Zanola ZWT and BMZ Moulds, company acquired by Alfredo Zanola and Fabio Montari. The new company is specialized in the project development and in the steel or aluminium mould construction providing an improvement of competences to the ZWT group. During these years of strict cooperation, these two societies complete each other: Zanola ZWT learns new skills from the support activities, and since that moment will be able to handle them itself, in particular concerning the milling and mechanic processes.


In 2011, the group joins UCISAP(Unione Costruttori Italiani Stampi e Attrezzature di Precisione), of which Alfredo Zanola becomes its president, in 2013.


In 2013, ALEA joins the group, as the mould trial area, entirely dedicated to the tryouts and injection moulding.


In 2015, after the premature passing of his founder Alfredo Zanola, the company has been taken over by his daughters Manuela and Sara, determined to pursue Alfredo’s mission, ensuring the continuity of the company, and at the same time focusing on innovation and prestige «Our strong warrior had to give up after facing a battle fought till the end with courage and using that optimism, that lead him to create a successful working reality. The most important lesson that he gave us and we’re trying to follow day by day is to create a determined and united team, always focused to reach higher and higher.


Starting from february 2016, BMZ Moulds doesn’t belong to our group anymore.

Now Zanola srl and ALEA are composing ZANOLA NETWORK, that can boasts an excellent know-how, not only for the finishing process, that made us widely-known (polishing, microincisione®, welding and laser engraving) but also in the phases that are composing the moulds construction (project development, milling, assembly) sector in which, the company is highly investing important resources, with the aim of completing and optimizing the already well-equipped machinery park that we have.
The supply chain that we offer includes even the trials of the moulds and plastic injection moulding, for the realization of the particulars onto the plastic finished piece, sector in which ALEA is highly qualified.


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