Laser engraving on molds

Zanola ZWT performs laser engraving and laser marking giving the customer, the opportunity to realize a product that follows perfectly his ideas.

Using its highly qualified team and their wide experience in engraving and marking metals, Zanola ZWT offers a service of laser marking and engraving.
We are talking about highly innovative laser processes that can be used to obtain high quality mould labels with writings and images engraved in high definition. Especially, Zanola ZWT does:

  • Steel laser marking
  • Mould laser marking
  • Mould laser engraving
In particular, laser engraving has the following characteristics:

  • Laser engraving can be realized on moulds and mechanic particulars of all kinds.
  • The company realizes also laser engraving on photoengraved matrices.
  • Laser engraving depth is up to 0,8 mm.
  • Through laser engraving we can engrave logos, texts, drawings in 2D and 3D.
  • Laser marking and items numeration.
  • Graphic files elaboration in the entire most famous format.
  • Name and surname engraving
  • Barcode engraving

Do you have an idea? Do you want to realize a personalized laser engraving or you need a particular laser marking? Rely on our team specialized in marking metals or engraving on moulds, mechanic particulars and photoengraved matrices. We will realize your project engraving any kind of writings or logos.

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